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The Billboard just lately carried a notice concerning the Demise of Al West, but even more specifics are gained given that. Mr. West, for the past 5 season a clown Using the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus, handed away aboard a Union Pacific educate 8 miles west of Laramie, Wy., August 7. Death was due to cancer from the belly. If the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus struck the substantial altitude on its Western trip it affected West to this sort of an extent that he shed the power of his voice. He trapped bravely at his work, but finally when the present reached Salt Lake Town he concluded the best thing to accomplish can be to leap out from the mountainous segment forward with the clearly show, and consequently was en route to Salina, Kan., to await for the clearly show, when Loss of life overtook him.

It truly is recognized that the Walter L. Principal Demonstrates, if the time opens, will likely be a completely overhauled and a 3rd more substantial attraction than last yr, and will likely have all new canvas.

, Hagenbeck-Wallace, together with other big tented corporations. Over the war period he was a lieutenant and was in-depth Along with the transportation Office obtaining the troop movement in cost.    

Colonel Sivalls is now 85 many years of age, and Even though absolutely blind, understood Colonel Cody's voice the moment he came inside hailing distance.    

He was a graduate of Carlisle Indian School, and just after acting for some time for a Texas Ranger, he joined Buffalo Monthly bill, remaining with him for many years. At the time of his Demise Indian Joe's system held 6 bullets, gained in battles together the Mexican border. He experienced no recognized family members, and showmen provided a fund for his burial.    

The afternoon group had just built its exit in the event the storm turned up. Many of your performers and animals had been wounded by falling poles.    

Willie Clark is kicking all the time, some barrel kicker, this boy. He also does the significant wire act as a totally free attraction. Mr. Liles is receiving the "cherries" on The child clearly show. Harry Very long has the promotion banners, and the two elephants and camels are decorated with them in parade. Lumb Clark spent Sunday, April four, in Alexandria with his wife and household. Some "eats" are served at Ed Eward's cookhouse. Milt Hinkle is boss hostler. J. Goldberg, the picture man, is pursuing the exhibit on is bike.    

Al Gorman, known as Nervo, the human comet, will probably be on the list of functions on the Frank P. Spellman indoor circus when it opens in Philadelphia right after the vacations.    

George Cummings, professionally identified a George Whitby, who was pointed out for his daring feats with circuses, died last week with the Exchange Resort, Lancaster, Pa., of belly issues. He was fifty nine decades previous. His spouse died two years back in that town also. Among Mr. Whitby's principal feats with reveals, it is said, was the jumping about eleven elephants at 1 time. read more He was at numerous times related with the Ringling Bros.

Scotty suggests Tom Wiedemann saved the working day at Ogden, the Brown thinks he is a huge "I," but that he's truly only slightly "J." It is quite basic that Scotty's impression of Brown is not high. If Brown definitely is jailing workingmen so as to defeat them from sums thanks them, and that happen to be declared in certain situations to generally be as little as $three, anything must be completed about it.    

The weather man has actually been fantastic to your Rhoda Royal Circus, as have also the railroads plus the display is shifting along under the direct eye of Harry Sells as superintendent, E. S. Monroe as boss canvasman and Smithy as facet show person, in quick design.

, on October 24. She was about fifty a long time old, and was married Within this metropolis three several years in the past. Aside from her spouse, she leaves two brothers, amongst whom life in New Orleans and another while in the West.    

New stake and chain, plank and aspect exhibit wagons are actually purchased. Wiley Ferris is dividing his time among studying the war news and playing the unafon, which arrived a number of weeks website back. Ed Davison has get more info the inventory in good shape. Marion Liller, last time property male using this type of demonstrate, has joined the U. S. Navy.    

A. C. Bradley, for numerous seasons about the team with the Ringling Displays and Al G. Barnes Circus, will guide supervisor Downie and tackle the press back again Together with the show. Joe Hughes will act as lawful adjuster, and Mr. Wallett, with the Driving Walletts, may have cost of the large display performance. Prof. Henry Kerns will likely have the large show band of 25 parts. The clearly show will proceed twenty automobiles back again Along with the show and two marketing automobiles. There'll be about two hundred head of inventory and a 20 cage menagerie, with Jack Davis in control of the elephants. The opening is ready for April 19 at Havre de Grace.    

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